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The Speech Pathology Group is happy to collaborate with local SELPAs and LEAs in the provision of professional development activities for staff. Trainings and In-services are presented by The Speech Pathology Group’s Clinical Supervisors or by nationally recognized speakers from the fields of Special Education and Speech and Language Pathology. The following is a list of in-services/trainings that are currently available for presentation at a district or SELPA specified location. The topics are relevant and timely and pertain to school-based speech/language therapy and other related special education topics. We encourage you to partner with us and take advantage of this supplemental service program.


Districts partnering with SPG, please refer to the table below.


Please contact us at if you are a district or SELPA that does not currently partner with SPG, or have additional questions about rates or scheduling an in-service.


Tier 1
(1-3 SPG Staff)
Tier 2
(4-9 SPG Staff)
Tier 3
(10+ SPG Staff)
Free-SPG Speakers* 1 presentation/year Up to 2 presentations/year Up to 3 presentations/year Email for more info
All Other Speakers SPG will be responsible for 25% of fee SPG will be responsible for 25% of fee SPG will be responsible for 50% of fee Email for more info
SPG Speakers SPG will be responsible for 25% of fee after 2nd presentation SPG will be responsible for 50% of fee after 2nd presentation SPG will be responsible for 50% of fee after 3rd presentation Email for more info


* If you are interested and qualify for the free trainings that are available, please select from the trainings that are presented by SPG speakers – they are noted with the yellow asterisks in the list below.


To view the available trainings in a category, click on one of the below listed categories.
Once the list expands, click on the training you would like to select.


AAC & Technology

  • AAC Assessments, Devices, and Modalities *
  • Assistive Technology Assessment & Implementation: A Guide to Evidence-based Decision Making *
  • Communication Partner Training & Techniques: Implementing AAC Effectively (or: You Can’t Do It Alone!) *
  • Introduction to PODD * – New!
  • Introduction to the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) & Visual Supports for Nonverbal Students *
  • Facilitating Communication and Early Literacy Skills with the Emerging AAC Communicator – New!
  • Mobile Tablets & Apps for SLPs – Making Evidence-based Decisions *

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interventions and Modifications

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Schools: Evidence-Based Practices and Current Research * – New!
  • Behavior Management: Using Communication and ABA to Prevent and Extinguish Problem Behaviors
  • Effective Strategies for Motivating Students in the Classroom * – New!
  • Mastering Challenging Behaviors: Using Applied Behavior Analysis Techniques to Address Challenging Behaviors in the School Setting *
  • Requesting with Picture Icons: An evidence-based practice approach to teaching requesting skills with the use of picture icons. *
  • Success on the Autism Spectrum – A True Story *
  • Video Modeling and Social Skills Training for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder *


  • Getting Started – Creating Social Skills Groups for Students on the Spectrum *
  • It’s Broader Than You Think – New Curriculum Standards and Social Thought: From Writing Goals to Engaging Intervention
  • I’ve Got a Feeling – Raising Our Comfort Level in Working with Emotions
  • Keep Talking! Narrative Development for Language and Social Learning
  • Pragmatics: The Art of Alternative & Dynamic Assessment *
  • Social-Pragmatic Skills: A Team Approach to Intervention *
  • Turn It On: Using Media for Social Learning

Working Collaboratively with SDCs, Gen Ed, Full Inclusion: Intervention & Modifications

  • The Art of Wh-ing: The Skill of Learning to Ask and Answer Questions
  • Integrating Your Therapy Into the SDC Classroom: Effective Tools & Techniques (PRE-K through HS) *
  • Prompting Strategies: How to Implement the Hierarchy * – New!
  • SLP Collaborative Partnerships: Collaborative Models and Interventions Designed to Increase Student Achievement
  • Visual Supports in the Classroom: Structured Teaching (3 hrs), Optional (Hands on Optional Section – 3 hrs) *
  • Working in SDCs – PreK * – New!
  • Working in SDSs – Primary * – New!
  • Working in SDCs – Secondary * – New!


The Speech Pathology Group is a state approved Professional Development Provider (PDP-12) for the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Dispensers Board. Speech and Language Therapists holding a California License are required to obtain 24 hours of continuing professional development every two years in order to satisfy the Board’s license renewal requirements. Attendees will be able to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards maintenance of their California Speech-Language License if requested.